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AL amatong tanning & leather IND.CO.LTD. (KHARTOUM TANNERY) one of the oldest Sudanese tanneries founded in 1959 Started production in 1962.     owned by the social security investment authority.

This tannery is considered as one of the fruitful technical & industrial co-operation between Yugoslavian & Sudan at that time.

 The tannery gained good reputation throughout the years participated in most of the international     leather fairs & acquired some prizes in production & marketing.

      The production capacity is (1000) cattle hides & (6000) sheep & goat skins per day.

THE MAIN PROUDUCTS ARE: –                                                                                      

Wet blue (cow, goat, sheep for export), crust, Napa, suedes and linings.

The tannery now is the main producer for good finished leather to the local market.

The tannery also begins to produce leather products: -Bags, shoes …. etc.… to the local market